For over 70 years  I.CO. Ltd.  is a Leading Manufacturer of Tools and Equipment for Maintenance of Ships and Shipyards, for the Construction and Industry. Our goal has always been to Improve and Ensure the Quality of our products through continuous research and development of new models to offer our Customers the best you can find in the industry. Our warehouse is always well stocked with tools and spare parts so that we can carry out fast deliveries and accurate means of leading logistics companies that provide service anywhere in the world.




KikoOK Hi I’m Kiko, I.CO.’Mascot and I want to present myself.
I was born in Switzerland and I can bark in three languages: Italian, French and German.
I was on board a ship as the “Bosun’s Assistant” and my job was to guard the Captain’s Bridge. I have had many friends among the crew, in particular the Cook and you can imagine why! To those that choose I.CO. products, besides the discounts that my Owners gives out, I too can give some High Quality bones. A “bau bau” from your friend Kiko.