The variability of the pump allows the liquids to be pumped together with a high percentage of solids and it’s usable for any kind of products: oils, chemical products, dirty water, etc.
The pump has a contained maintenance cost thanks to its structure, particularly simple and for the limited moving parts. Ways that it can be used: suction, immersion. Resistant and also reliable for hard jobs.


01_WildenPump001-large IMPA CODE: 59.16.01
ISSA CODE: 55.123.01
I.CO. CODE: 12450 – T2


IMPA CODE: 59.16.02
ISSA CODE: 55.123.02
I.CO. CODE: 12450 – T4



IMPA CODE: 59.16.03
ISSA CODE: 55.123.03
I.CO. CODE:12450 – T8


IMPA CODE: 59.16.04
ISSA CODE: 55.123.04
I.CO. CODE: 12450 – T15
03_ SchedaT8-large