01_Smerigliatrice002 Abrasive Wheel size:
4 “(125 mm x 22) 
Abrasive Brush size:
3″ (75 mm x M14)
IMPA CODE: 59.03.01
ISSA CODE: 55.118.01
I.CO. CODE: 3602-00-E4



02_Smerigliatrice001 Abrasive Wheel size:
 7 “(180 mm x 22)
Abrasive Brush size:
4″ (100 mm x 5/8 “W)
IMPA CODE: 59.03.02
ISSA CODE: 55.118.02
I.CO. CODE: 3602-00-E-7





 03_Smerigliatrice003 Abrasive Wheel size:
9 “(230 mm x 22)
Abrasive Brush size:
5″ (125 mm x 5/8 “W)
IMPA CODE: 59.03.03
ISSA CODE: 55.118.03
I.CO. CODE: 3602-00-E-9



Grinders and Brushing angle machines are particularly suitable for heavy jobs and in severe conditions. 

In the ship building industry these machines are used for cleaning hulls and superstructures from rust and paint; In the industrial sector, they are used for the preparation of surfaces to eliminate defects, old coatings and welding; In the civilian sector, for cleaning surfaces, machine and construction equipment maintenance.