IMPA CODE: 59.19.65-66-68-69
ISSA CODE: 55.102.03-06
I.CO. CODE: 11500-0 – 200/300
IMPA CODE: 59.19.61-62
ISSA CODE: 55.102.02-05
I.CO. CODE: 11400-0 – 200/300



The main feature of this machine is to scrape rust, paint and old coatings from large surfaces.
The user has the advantage of working with less physical discomfort, thanks to the maneuverability and to the upright position, which improves the quality and quantity of work.


In relations to the type of maintenance to be performed, there are different types of interchangeable tools that can be used on the same standard drum.
Available in two versions, for the mm. 200 and for the 300mm work surface. Also comes in two motor options: electric or pneumatic.



Spare Parts and Accessories